How to Play Free Games Without an Internet Connection

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Are you ever stuck without an Internet connection and want to play games on your computer or laptop? There is a simple way to get popular games directly onto your desktop and play them anywhere, anytime without being tied to an Internet connection. Learn how to download flash games for free and play them on your computer when offline.


Step 1

Log in to Firefox. If you do not have Firefox, go to the Firefox website and download the latest version.

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Step 2

Go to one of the free game site that allows users to play online games for free such as Miniclip. Other sites are available by doing an Internet search for "free games" or "free online games."


Step 3

Choose a game you want to play, click on it, and wait for it to stop downloading.

Step 4

Go up to the browser's menu bar, click "File" and then scroll down to "Save Page As..."


Step 5

Choose to save your game file to your desktop, click "Save" and then close the window.

Step 6

Look for two files on your desktop containing the name of the free game you just downloaded from the Internet. Delete the ".html" file and only keep the "_files" version.


Step 7

Open the game folder that remains on your desktop and look for a file that ends with ".swf." If there are two ".swf" files, click both.

Step 8

Rename this ".swf" file to contain the name of the free game you just downloaded so you can easily find it next time.


Step 9

Drag the free game to your desktop and delete the folder it originally came from; it is no longer needed.

Step 10

Open a new Firefox tab and shrink the window. You do not need to be connected to the Internet at this point.


Step 11

Drag the free game file from your desktop into your blank Firefox window so it can load. You are now able to play this online game for free without an Internet connection.

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