How to Play While Recording in Reaper

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Cuckos Reaper is a digital audio workstation software that is capable of recording and sequencing virtual instruments. Reaper can be configured to allow audio monitoring while recording to a track. This feature allows musicians the ability to monitor their instrument's performance while it is being recorded into their project. This lets the musician know of any mistakes during their performance, instead of after an entire take. This feature can be turned on within Reaper in less than five minutes.


Step 1

Launch an instance of Reaper. Click "Start," "All Programs," "Cuckos" and "Reaper." The Reaper user interface will now appear on your screen.

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Step 2

Load a project. Click "File," "Open" and then choose a project name from the pop-up screen that comes up. Press "Browse" to navigate through the locations on your hard drive to open a project from a folder other than the default. Click on the name of the file, then click "Open." Reaper may take a couple minutes to load the project, depending on its size.


Step 3

Right-click the "Record Arm" button on the mixer track channel you plan on recording to, then select the "Monitor Track Media While Recording" option from the pop-up list. This option lets you hear the audio being recorded as it is being captured.


Step 4

Press and hold "Ctrl" and "R" at the same time on your keyboard, then press the space bar. Recording will begin, and what is being played into Reaper will be heard as it is being recorded. Press the space bar again to stop recording when you are satisfied with your performance.