How to Plot a Standard Curve in Excel

By Ron Price

A standard curve displays data pairs of known values. Plot one in Excel and understand how a trendline based on this curve can approximate unknown values.

Plot a standard curve using Microsoft Excel and its Scatter Chart capabilities.

Open Microsoft Excel

Step 1

After starting Excel, enter your data pairs in adjacent columns and rows on a new worksheet.

Step 2

Use the Scatter with Straight Lines and Markers chart for a Standard Curve.

Select the data values with your mouse. On the Insert tab, click on the Scatter icon and select Scatter with Straight Lines and Markers from its drop-down menu to generate the standard curve.

An example of a standard curve.

Step 3

Adding a trendline can predict other values, when one of the data pair is unknown.

A completed standard curve graph with trendline.

To add a trendline to the graph, right-click on the standard curve line in the chart to display a pop-up menu of plot-related actions. Choose Add Trendline from this menu.