How to Build a Pyramid Graph in Excel

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Pyramid graphs may be created in Excel using either the column or bar chart.

In addition to storing and tracking data, Excel also offers a variety of other features. You may add images and other objects, and you may also display data using many chart and graph options. Although the standard bar, line and column charts are available, other preformatted options are also available, such as cylinder and pyramid. Using the available 3-D options when inserting bar or column charts to your document, you may display your data in a pyramid-shaped graph.


Step 1

Launch Excel and open the spreadsheet to which you want to add a pyramid graph. Make certain the data is arranged in consecutive cells in rows or columns.

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Step 2

Select the cells that contain the data you want to use in the pyramid graph. Click the first cell in the data range and drag to the last cell while holding down the mouse button.


Step 3

Click the "Insert" tab and find the Charts group. Click the "Column" or "Bar" button and select the "Pyramid" option. Click the "Finish" button to insert the pyramid chart into the worksheet.





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