How to Print a Return Address on an Envelope Flap

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The usual place to print your return address when sending a letter to someone is in the upper left-hand corner on the front of an envelope. But you also have the option of printing the information on the envelope flap. You can do this task on your computer using your word processing program.


Step 1

Open the word processing program on your computer. Choose the option for creating a mailing and select "Envelopes" from the list of options. Many word processing programs allow you to view the envelope on your screen just as it will print.

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Step 2

Click the very top of the envelope until you see a cursor blinking. Choose the appropriate option on your word processing toolbar to center the cursor on the envelope. If you have a problem with this step, you may have to draw a text box in the center of the envelope.

Step 3

Type in your name and address in the top center of the envelope, just as you would if you were to type in the information in the normal location on the front of the envelope.

Step 4

Load your envelope into your printer upside down. Whichever side normally faces upward when you print envelopes should now face downward. Some printers require top feeding while others feed from the bottom. If you're not sure how your printer feeds, this task may require some trial and error before you get the envelope to print correctly.



Step 5

Print your envelope. The return address should print on the back flap of the envelope. If the information does not line up correctly, simply adjust the positioning of the text in your word processing document.

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