How to Print Flash Cards in Word

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Flash cards can be a very useful study tool, but sometimes a hassle to put together. However, you can save yourself sometime by forming your own flash cards in Microsoft Word. Word provides the tools you need to create a customizable table and enter the text you want each flash card to contain. Although it takes create the flash-card document, this step enables you to create new flash cards as needed.


Step 1

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab, then click "Table" in the "Tables" group" in Word 2007 or Word 2010.

Step 3

Drag your cursor to select a table that is two columns by five rows. This is roughly how many flash cards will fit on one page.


Step 4

Place your cursor over the inserted table until you see a small square in the bottom-right corner. This is the table-resize handle. Place your cursor over the handle. A double-headed arrow will appear.

Step 5

Click and drag the table's edge to increase the size of the table until you've reached the bottom-left corner of the page. Each table cell will be one flash card. Make the table as large as you can to fit on one page, adjusting it to make the flash cards the size you want them.


Step 6

Click inside the table. Click the "Layout" tab under "Table Tools." In the "Table" group, click "Select," then "Select Table." Press the Ctrl and C keys to copy the entire table.

Step 7

Place your cursor below the table and press enter until a new blank page appears. Press the Ctrl and V keys to paste a new set of blank flash cards.



Step 8

Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you've created the number of flash cards you need.

Step 9

Click the table on the first page. Click the "Layout" tab under "Table Tools." In the "Table" group, click "Select," then "Select Table." In the "Alignment" group, click "Align Center," so you can type text in the center of each flash card. Repeat this step for each page of flash cards.


Step 10

Click the first flash card. Click the "Home" tab. In the "Font" group, select a font and font size for the text.

Step 11

Begin typing the content for the first flash card. On the first page, continue adding content for the front side of each flash card. On the second page, type the corresponding back side for each flash card. Every two pages should make up the front and back sides of one card.


Step 12

Connect your printer to the computer. Feed the printer with paper.

Step 13

Click the "Microsoft Office Button" (Word 2007) or "File." If your printer support automatic duplex printing (printing on both sides), follow the instructions from your printer's manual to do so. Otherwise, click "Manual Duplex" to allow Word to print all the pages that appears on the front side of the flash cards and then prompt you to turn the pages over. Click "Print."

Step 14

Cut out the flash cards as soon as your pages have been printed properly.




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