How to Print SlideShare Files

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SlideShare allows you to post presentations to the Web for usage or printing.

SlideShare is a global presentation-sharing network. Along with sharing text-based presentations for use in schools, businesses and government offices, SlideShare's network allows presentations to include MP3 audio syncing, embedded videos, live Web content and more. SlideShare's point-and-click interface allows you to upload and manage a number of presentation documents. However, printing these files isn't as intuitive. If you want to print a file from the SlideShare network, you need to use your browser to print the uploaded file.


Step 1

Open the SlideShare file in your Web browser.

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Step 2

Navigate to the desired slides using the arrows at the bottom of the slideshow window.

Step 3

Right-click on a SlideShare slide. Select "Print" from the list of options.


Step 4

Click on the option labeled "Selection." This forces your printer to only print the file you clicked on rather than the contents of the entire browser window.

Step 5

Click "Properties."



Step 6

Click on the "Features" tab followed by "Landscape." SlideShare files are arranged horizontally for easier display, but printers are often set-up for vertical printing by default.

Step 7

Click "OK" to return to the main printing window.

Step 8

Click "OK" again to start printing the SlideShare presentation document.



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