How to Print With Notes in PowerPoint

By Nick Peers

Learn how you can view the speaker notes in PowerPoint and then print them on notes pages. You can make more room for your notes on the pages.

You can create speaker notes for your presentation and then print them as notes pages in Microsoft PowerPoint. Notes help you remember key points that must be emphasized during the presentation. The slide thumbnail is printed at the top of the notes page, but you can remove it to make more room for the notes.


Alternately, view the notes privately on a second monitor in Presenter View. You can view the notes on your laptop, for example, and play the presentation without the notes on a second display or on a projector screen.

Step 1

Displaying the notes on a sample slide.

Before printing the notes pages, display the notes at the bottom of the slides to verify and proofread them. Switch to the View tab and click the Notes button in the Show group to display the notes. You must be in Normal view in the Presentation Views group.


To see how the Notes page will look when you print it, switch to the Notes Page view in the Presentation Views group in the View tab.

Step 2

Viewing the print preview in PowerPoint.

Click File and select Print from the menu to view all settings related to printing. Even though you've chosen to display the notes, PowerPoint does not print them by default. You can see exactly what is printed by looking at the Print Preview section.

Step 3

Selecting to print notes pages.

Select Notes Pages from the second drop-down box — its default value is Full Page Slides — in the Settings section. Set it to Print Slides With Notes. The print preview section displays the notes and the slide, so you can see what it will look like when printed.

Adjust any other print settings and then click the Print button to print the notes pages.


The Full Page Slides and Outline options in the Print Layout section do not print your notes.

To make more room for your notes, delete the slide thumbnails from the notes pages. Select the Notes Page view from the Presentation Views group, select the slide thumbnail and press Delete to delete it. Repeat the procedure for each slide in the Slides pane.