How to Program a Comcast Remote to a TV

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The remote control included with Comcast cable packages allows you to program it to control up to five separate devices, including most models of TVs, VCRs, DVD and BluRay players, home theater systems and stereo systems. It's not difficult to sync your Comcast remote to your TV or other device.


Step 1

Go to the Comcast Customer Support/remote listing page. Each remote listing has a picture to assist in identification of your model.

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Step 2

Select your remote from the listing. This will bring up a PDF file of the codes for your remote.


Step 3

Turn on your TV, then press the TV button on your Comcast remote.

Step 4

Press and hold the "Setup" button on your Comcast remote until the "TV" button blinks twice.


Step 5

Enter the multi-digit manufacturer's code for your model of TV. When the code is entered properly, the "TV" button will blink twice.

Step 6

Point your Comcast remote at your TV and press the "Power" button. If the sync was successful, your TV should shut off. If your TV does not shut off, repeat Steps 3-6 using one of the other codes listed for your TV model until you have a successful sync.


Step 7

If you are still unable to sync your remote, repeat Steps 3-4, then enter "991." The "TV" button on your Comcast remote will blink twice.

Step 8

Aim your remote at your TV and press the "TV" button and then the "Power" button. Repeat this process until your TV shuts off.


Step 9

Press the "Setup" button to save the sync information. Your Comcast remote is now successfully programmed to your TV.

Step 10

You can follow the same process for other devices. Select the correct button on the remote and follow the above steps.