How to Pull the Google Search History by an IP Address

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Visit Google to check an IP's search history.

When you activate Google Search History, Google remembers every search that you perform. This feature helps users find websites that they visited in the past quickly. You can search Google History from your Google Web History page. For instance, to find all sites that you visited containing the word "mountain," enter "mountain" as your search term. You can also pull Google Search history results for a specific IP address.

Convert IP to Domain Name

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" menu button and type "cmd" (without the quotes).

Step 2

Press "Enter" to open the "Command" window.

Step 3

Type the following in the "Command" window:

nslookup 111.222.333.44

Replace "111.222.333.44" with the IP address that you want to use to search Google Web History.

Step 4

Press "Enter." Windows will return the domain name of the site associated with that IP address. For instance, after pressing "Enter," you may see a result similar to this:


Write that name down.

Search Google History

Step 1

Navigate to your Google Web History page (see resources).

Step 2

Enter your login information and click "Sign In" to view your Google Web History.

Step 3

Type the following in the "Search History" text box at the top of the page:


Replace "xyz" with the domain name that you wrote down. For instance, if the domain name is "," type "" in the text box.

Step 4

Click the "Search History" button. Google will pull the search history for the name that you entered. Click one of the results to view the associated web page.


If you have many results, an "Older" button will appear at the bottom of the search results page. Click that button to view additional results.

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