How to Put a FiOS TV on a Timer

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Use your FiOS remote to set the Sleep Timer.
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Your Verizon FiOS TV is outfitted with a Sleep Timer that you can enable, disable and customize using the FiOS Settings screen. When the Sleep Timer activates, your FiOS TV automatically switches to Standby mode.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your FiOS remote to load the main menu on your TV screen. If the TV is currently in Standby mode, press the "STB Power" button and then press "Menu."

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Step 2

Select "Settings" to load the main Settings menu.


Step 3

Choose "Set Top Box" on the Settings menu and then select "Sleep Timer" to open the Sleep Timer settings screen.

Step 4

Select the length of inactive time allowed before your Sleep Timer puts your TV on Standby. The default value is four hours. When the TV is left on and the remote or set-top-box controls aren't used for four hours, the TV reverts to Standby mode. You can make the Sleep Timer value shorter or longer than the default, or set it to "Never."


Step 5

Press "Menu" to to save your changes and exit the menu when you're finished.

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