How to Put in a Footer in Microsoft Access

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You can organize your reports by adding the date and time to a footer.

Add details to your Access form or report with footers. If you have specific information such as an equation, date or time that doesn't fit within the body of your form or report, you can add it to a footer. Footers appear at the bottom of the record or the page, depending on the options you choose. You can customize the appearance of the footer with colors, fonts and images. Additionally you can add tools such as search boxes, combo boxes and hyperlinks to maximize your form or report's functions.


Step 1

Open your form or report in "Design View" by right-clicking the title on the "Navigation Pane" and selecting "Design View." Make sure that any forms you use are generally used in "Form View" as opposed to "Datasheet View." Any forms used in "Datasheet View" will not display headers or footers.

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Step 2

Insert a footer to a form's page or form section. Right-click on the body of the form and select "Page Header/Footer" or "Form Header/Footer" from the form options. A page footer may change depending on which record is selected, but a form footer will remain the same regardless of the selected record.


Step 3

Insert a footer to a report's page, report or group sections. Right-click on the body of the report and select "Page Header/Footer" or "Report Header/Footer" to add a footer to either of those sections. If your report is organized by groups, add a footer to the grouped field by selecting "with a footer section" from the "Group, Sort and Total" options at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Add text, expressions and images to the footer from the "Design" tab of the ribbon at the top of the page. Change the size of the footer by dragging the control bar vertically. Save the form or report by clicking "CTRL + S" on your keyboard.


Access also provides a shortcut for creating a header and footer and inserting the date and time in one step. Select the “Design” tab of the ribbon and press the “Date and Time” button in the “Header/Footer” section. This tool is helpful if you just want to add a time stamp to your form or report.