How to Put Music on a Phone From the PS3

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Depending on the type of cell phone you own, it is possible to transfer music from a PlayStation 3 game console to your cell phone. However, your cell phone might not be able to play all the same supported files your PS3 can play; usually, phones can play MP3 and WMA files, but not WAV files or other large formats. Do not try to use this method to snag songs from games such as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, as these do not come in a separate format that can be copied and transferred.


Step 1

Turn on the PlayStation console and insert the USB stick into the USB port. Using the PS3 controller, navigate to the Music category on the menu.

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Step 2

Select the file or folder of music you want to copy and press the green triangle button on the controller. Under the following list of options, select "Copy." When asked which device you would like to copy the files to, select the "USB" icon, which should be the only option since it's the only item plugged into the USB port.


Step 3

Wait for all the files to copy before removing the USB stick. You may turn off the PlayStation console at this time.

Step 4

Insert the USB stick into the USB port of your computer or laptop. Copy the files to a convenient location, such as the desktop.


Step 5

Insert the cell phone using its unique USB cable. Depending on the phone you have, the computer might recognize it as a drive right away and give you the option of opening a folder to view the files. Select this option. If the computer does not recognize it, you will have to install the cell phone software and follow its unique set of instructions to copy the music to the phone.



Step 6

Open the music folder on the cell phone or create one if one does not already exist. Copy the files you just placed on the desktop into this folder.

Step 7

Remove the cell phone from the computer. Turn the phone on and double-check to make sure the files copied properly. If they did not, repeat the process or install the cell phone software.

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