How to Put Pics From Facebook onto a Flash Drive

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Facebook allows you to upload and share photos with family and friends in your social network. You can create and organize pictures into albums and tag family and friends that appear in the pictures. Friends and family can then view, download and save pictures that they are in to their local hard drive or a flash drive.


Step 1

Plug the flash drive into an open USB slot on your computer. Your computer automatically recognizes the removable storage.

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Step 2

Log into your Facebook account at

Step 3

Double-click the photo you wish to save. The photo launches in the photo viewer.


Step 4

Click the "Download" link in the lower-left side of the photo viewer. The File Download window launches.


Step 5

Click the "Save" button from the Download window. The Save As window launches.


Step 6

Click "Browse Folders" from the Save As window. Click "Computer" from the left navigation and then click your flash drive from the center pane of the window. Enter a name for the picture file and click "Save."

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