How to Put Pictures in "My Pictures" on My Computer

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The Windows operating system by Microsoft relied on a folder structure that included a "My Pictures" folder for several versions, including the popular Windows XP and Vista. This folder allows you to easily access pictures and images on your computer in one, convenient location. You can specify whether to view these images as thumbnails, lists or in a slideshow presentation after saving pictures to the folder from the Internet, your email or another drive or folder on your computer.

From Other Folders

Step 1

Open the folder on your computer that contains the picture(s) you wish to move to "My Pictures." This may even be a folder that coincides with a removable drive such as a picture card or memory stick.

Step 2

Right click the picture that you wish to move (or highlight multiple pictures by clicking and holding the mouse while you highlight the files) and choose "Cut," if you wish to permanently move the pictures, or "Copy" if you wish to leave them in the original location, too.

Step 3

Open the Start Menu and click "My Pictures" to open the folder.

Step 4

Right click on a blank space within the folder and choose "Paste." Your picture(s) will appear in this space after the computer completes the operation.

From Application

Step 1

Launch a program such as your Web browser or email client to access pictures.

Step 2

Open the website or email message that contains the picture and right click the image. Choose "Save" or "Save As."

Step 3

Navigate to the "My Pictures" folder by clicking the icon on the left pane of the "Save As" dialog box. If this icon does not exist, you can click the down arrow to expand the drop down menu at the top of the screen to click through your computer's organization to open "My Pictures." On Windows XP, the path is "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Pictures" where "Username" is the account name that you are logged into.


Windows 7 includes the "My Pictures" folder; however it is located at "C:\Users\Username\My Pictures" ("Username" represents your account username). The "Pictures" icon in the Windows 7 save screen reference a library that shows picture files from multiple locations, including "My Pictures."