How to Record in SlingBox

The SlingBox is a TV streaming device that allows you to watch television on a computer or other device through the use of SlingPlayer software. It works on both PC and Mac computers and on many smart phones, including Android phones, the iPhone and iPad.

Television can be recorded from a SlingBox using a DVR or third-party software.

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Although the SlingBox and SlingPlayer software do not offer recording options, through the use of a DVR or third-party software, you can record live TV and save it to your PC or Mac computer.



Sign in to SlingPlayer software on PC, Mac or Phone.


Press "DVR" for a list of all DVR options, including recording options.


Press "Record" on the digital remote as an alternative. A list of options should appear, including length of time you would like to record and the channel.



Download the third-party recording software. A few popular options include AtLarge Recorder, Slinger SLR and mReplay. The prices range from $0 to $50. mReplay records using a web browser.


Open SlingPlayer and launch the downloaded software. Options appear on screen for recording.


Sign up for an account with mReplay, log in, and add a SlingBox to your account by clicking "Add" on the mReplay SlingBoxes menu. Enter finder ID and password of SlingBox and click "Enter." Select the added SlingBox and click "Watch."

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