How to Record TV to DVD

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How to Record TV to DVD
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The DVD revolution has created a new market for TV shows on DVD. You can now buy entire seasons of your favorite shows in most video stores. With the right equipment, however, you can also record TV shows as they air, and then transfer them to DVD yourself. While you don't get the extra features that a store-bought DVD brings, the image quality is often comparable and you can also get it months before the store-bought DVDs are released to consumers.


Step 1

Connect the input jack on a digital video recorder to the cable hook-up, satellite hook-up or antenna, and the DVR's output jack to the input jacks on the TV. In most cases, you'll need a set of RCA cables to make the connection, though if the TV, DVD recorder and DVR are all sufficiently sophisticated, you can use component cables or an HDMI cable to attain a better picture. Check the jacks in the back of all three devices and use whichever ones appear on all three machines.


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Step 2

Record the show you want to save to the DVR. It should store the show digitally and allow you to play it back whenever you like. Be sure to note the length of the recording (the DVR should tell you this on the listed information about the show).

Step 3

Remove the cables from the input jacks on the TV and connect them to the input jacks on the DVD recorder. Then use a second set of RCA cables to connect the output jacks on the DVD recorder to the input jacks on the TV.


Step 4

Cycle through the input on the DVD recorder until it syncs up with the other devices. You should receive a signal on the TV when the input is set correctly.


Step 5

Place a blank DVD in the DVD recorder and set the recording speed. The speed should be set for enough time to cover the entire length of the show you want to record.


Step 6

Set the DVD recorder to "Record," then playback the TV show on the DVR. Press "stop" on both machines when the show is done, then check the DVD to make sure it recorded the show properly.

Step 7

Remove the DVD from the recorder and store it in a safe place until you're ready to view it again.

Things You'll Need

  • digital video recorder

  • DVD recorder

  • TV

  • RCA cables

  • Blank DVD


When the show is recording to the DVD, refrain from pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding it. Otherwise, these actions will distort the resulting image on the DVD.



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