How to Recycle Cell Phone Chargers

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How to Recycle Cell Phone Chargers. Recycling your cell phone charger is a simple task. People throw millions of cell phones and chargers away each year to end up in landfills and only recycle about 20 percent. It takes very little time to recycle your cell phone charger and it's free and good for the environment.


Step 1

Visit the "Recycle My Cell Phone" web site. Here you will find a printable form, mailing label and a postage-paid label to mail your cell phone charger for recycling.

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Step 2

Check with your cell phone provider to see if they accept old cell phone chargers. Some will recycle them and make donations to specific groups. Most providers accept any cell phone and its accessories, including chargers.


Step 3

Drop your cell phone charger off at specific retailers and service providers that are partnering with the EPA to promote cell phone recycling awareness. For a list of these retailers and service providers, visit the EPA's web site.


Step 4

Start a cell phone and cell phone charger drive. Gather old cell phones and chargers from friends and family and make a large recycling donation or raise money for a local charity.



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