How to Reduce From Legal Size to Letter Size on a Copy Machine

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How to Reduce From Legal Size to Letter Size on a Copy Machine. The reduction feature on photocopy machines is a handy tool for quickly making a document smaller. By reducing a legal-size page to letter-size, the document can be copied using normal copy paper, eliminating the need to purchase a separate package of legal-size paper. In addition, letter-size paper will fit more easily into binders and folders.


Step 1

Raise the copier lid.

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Step 2

Place the original face down on the copier glass.

Step 3

Check the paper source to ensure that the paper is oriented correctly.


Step 4

Find the reduce button on the copy machine. This will allow you to adjust the output size of your copy. It usually has arrows for moving the copy ratio up and down.

Step 5

Change the ratio to 78 percent.



Step 6

Push the copy button to create a sample copy before making multiple copies.

Step 7

Adjust the ratio up or down 1 to 5 percent to achieve the correct look for your copy.

Step 8

Make as many copies as needed.



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