How to Remove a Station From Pandora

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On Pandora, a radio station is more than a collection of songs. Stations track your tastes as you give thumbs up and down, tailoring the station to fit the aesthetic you want. Deleting a station not only removes the station from your list, but also permanently erases the history of songs you've rated while listening to that station.


Pandora limits every account to 100 stations. Removing a station frees up its slot for a new station.

Pandora App

Step 1

Tap the back arrow to back out of the currently playing station. Open the Stations tab if it's not already open.

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Step 2

Swipe from right to left along the station you want to remove.

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Step 3

Tap Delete, and then tap Delete again on the confirmation pop-up.

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Swipe left on a recommended station and tap Dismiss to remove it from the list.

Pandora Website

Deleting a station on the Pandora website takes only a single step. Mouse over the station you want to delete, point to the arrow icon, and then click Delete This Station.

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The arrow won't appear if you're using shuffle. Switch to an individual station first.

There's no confirmation step; Pandora simply deletes the station as soon as you click the button. If you delete a station by mistake, click Undo on the banner at the top of the screen.

The banner disappears as soon as you click anything else or leave the page.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Pandora


  • You don't need to delete a station and start over to get rid of some of your song ratings. Instead, delete the individual ratings from the station.
  • In the app, tap the thumb icon next to the Delete button, and then tap the thumb icon on the following page to see your ratings. Swipe one to the left and tap Delete to remove it.
  • On the website, click Station Details from the drop-down menu, and then click the X icon by a rating to delete it.