How to Remove a Stuck Laminate Sheet from the Laminator Machine

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A laminator machine is a device used to protect frequently used or important documents in a transparent, plastic cover. The lamination pouch machine is the most commonly used. The process involves first placing your document into the pouch, then running it through the laminator to end up with a protected, clearly readable document on both sides. Often, if the contents are not placed into the pouch correctly or if the contents are too thick, the laminator pouch will get caught in the machine roller. When this occurs, carefully remove the pouch to avoid damaging the machine.


Step 1

Gently and evenly pull on the pouch without speeding up the rollers (this is only if the top end of the pouch has emerged from the exit). If you can't see the top end of the pouch or this does not work, continue to Step 2.

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Step 2

Turn off the machine, then unplug it to avoid burning yourself or causing any damage to your laminator.


Step 3

Turn back on the machine once it cools. If your laminator has hinges at the side, try opening it and carefully removing the pouch and its contents from the rollers. Not all pouch laminators have these hinges at the side. If your laminator does not have one or if this step does not work, keep the machine unplugged and call a service technician.





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