How to Remove a White Border in Transparent Graphics Using Fireworks

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Having transparency when working with images allows you to layer the image without having white borders getting in the way of the design. You can replace the white of the border with a transparent effect in Adobe Fireworks by adjusting the layer settings and using a transparent canvas. You can also use the Fireworks tool-selection bar to help you replace the white border. The file should be saved in a certain format to avoid the white's replacing the transparent effect.


Step 1

Open the Fireworks image with a white border in Fireworks. Click outside the work area. Click on "Canvas Color" in the "Properties" toolbox. Select transparent (the box with a red line through it) as your canvas color. Parts of the image not covered by objects will appear as a gray-and-white check pattern denoting transparency.


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Step 2

Click on "File," then "Save As." Enter a name for your file and select ".gif" as the file type from the drop-down menu. Click on "Save."

Step 3

Move the mouse to the transparency window located in the "Properties" toolbox under the color palette. Click on "Alpha Transparency. Select the eyedropper tool with the "-" sign located next to "Transparency Type." An image-preview window will appear. Click on any parts of the window that you wish to remain white.


Step 4

Click on the "Magic Wand" tool in the left toolbar. Click on the white border with the magic wand. Press "Delete." The white border will be deleted and replaced by a transparent border.