How to Remove Braces in Pictures

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Make braces disappear in digital pictures.

Those braces on your teeth will mean a gorgeous smile when they come off -- but you're stuck with them for the time being. Go ahead and smile for the camera anyway. Then get creative and try editing digital photographs to remove them. With basic tools and a working knowledge of a photo-editing program, you can remove braces in pictures to create a white and sparkling smile.


Step 1

Open the photo-editing program. Select "File" and then "Open" and browse to the place where you store the picture you wish to edit. Highlight the picture and click "Open" again.

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Step 2

Click "Layers" and then "Duplicate" to make a copy of the photo. Close the original photo to preserve it.


Step 3

Select the "View" tab and find a "Zoom" tool to enlarge the braces area to make it easier to work and edit. Click the "Zoom" tool as many times as necessary to make the braces large enough to edit.

Step 4

Select a "Clone" tool above the workspace that enables you to fix flaws in photographs and make the shape round. Adjust the size of the brush so it fits easily into the teeth to enable you to erase the braces. Experiment with various settings for opacity, hardness and density for the tool, according to the capabilities of your program.



Step 5

Right click on a white part of the tooth. This loads the exact white color of the tooth into the tool.

Step 6

Left click on a portion of the tooth where you wish to remove the braces. You will see the white tooth color appear. Continue clicking the mouse everywhere over the braces to replace the braces with white tooth color.

Step 7

Click "File" and "Save as" to save the edited photo. Enter a different name for the photo and click "Save."



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