How to Remove the Heuristic Virus

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Computer viruses can wreak havoc on your computer by slowing it down, keeping certain programs from running and stealing your data. The heuristic virus is no different and if you suspect that you have this virus, it is important to remove it before it does further damage to your computer. You can remove the heuristic virus by following a specific set of steps.


About the Heuristic Virus

The heuristic virus is also known as the Heur.Invader virus. It is dangerous because it can alter your system's security settings which enables the virus to download more viruses and software. The viruses that are downloaded may steal your information from your computer and transmit it to other people. Any activities you do on your infected computer – including online banking and any other transactions involving sensitive information – can be tracked and the information you put in can be sent to others. This puts you at risk for identity theft.


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Boot to Safe Mode

You can remove the heuristic virus by using any of a number of anti-virus programs. The heuristic virus is known for sometimes disabling anti-virus programs, so it is important to boot your computer into "Safe Mode with Networking." Safe mode with networking loads only the minimum drivers and networking services for your computer, which means that the heuristic virus won't be loaded and therefore won't be able to disable the anti-virus software that you install. Reboot into safe mode by clicking the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select "Shut Down" and then "Restart." Hold down the "F8" key as your computer restarts to show the "Advanced Boot Options" screen. Press the "Down" arrow key to highlight "Safe Mode with Networking" and then press the "Enter" key to boot into this mode. Stay in safe mode while you download and run the anti-virus software to remove the heuristic virus.


Remove Heuristic Virus with Avast

Open the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer browser while in Safe Mode and download the free version of Avast Anti-Virus. Double-click the install file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Open Avast on your computer and click the "Status" tab and then click "Check for updates" to update Avast's virus detection database. After it is updated, click the "Protection" tab and then select "Scans" followed by "Full Virus Scan." Avast will then scan your computer thoroughly for all instances of the heuristic virus. Once the scan is done you can click the "Delete" option to remove the heuristic virus from your computer. Reboot your computer after the virus has been deleted and then run Avast's virus scan again to ensure that the file is permanently gone.


Remove Heuristic Virus with Bitdefender

You can also use the Bitdefender Anti-Virus program to remove the heuristic virus as well as other viruses. Once in Safe Mode, open Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and download the free version of Bitdefender and install it on your computer. Launch Bitdefender on your computer and click the "Update" button to update Bitdefender's virus database to the latest version. This ensures that Bitdefender picks up all viruses on your computer, including any new ones that have been recently added to the database. Click the "Scan Now" button and then select the "Full Scan" option. Wait for Bitdefender to complete the scan and then click the "Remove" button when asked what you want to do with the infected files that have been found. Reboot your computer after the virus has been removed and then run another scan with Bitdefender to ensure that the heuristic virus has been totally removed from your computer.