How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage From the Registry

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If you're sick and tired of receiving the Windows Genuine Advantage warnings on your Windows XP operating system, you're in luck. By following a few fairly easy steps, you can wipe out the program and its annoying pop-ups using a quick registry fix. Just remember to follow the directions exactly as given, because registry errors can wreak havoc on your PC.


Removing Windows Genuine Advantage From the Registry

Step 1

Click on the "Start" button and then the "Run" icon.

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Step 2

Type "regedit" without the quotation marks in the "Run" text field and click "OK." Your register editor program will now display.


Step 3

Navigate to the following registry file: "My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify." You can find that key by first clicking on "My Computer," then "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," then the "Software" folder, followed by the "Microsoft" folder, which brings you to the "Windows NT" folder, then the "Current Version" folder, followed by "WinLogon" and finally the "Notify" folder.



Step 4

Find the "WgaLogon" folder inside the "Notify" folder and right-click on it. Choose the "Delete" option and left-click on it. You have now removed the program files from the registry.

Step 5

Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. The program should now be removed from your registry.


The steps above will not delete the entire Windows Genuine Advantage program; it will, however, remove the program from your registry, which will stop the program from functioning and inundating you with those annoying pop-up reminders.


Do not delete the wrong files from your registry, as this can lead to catastrophic system failures in some cases. If you are not sure about performing the process listed above, you may want to contact a PC support company for further assistance.



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