How to Replace Calculator Tape

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Printer calculators need replacement of their paper when the roll is used up.

Calculators with built-in printers can be convenient for small-business owners or flea markets because of their ability to create instant records of transactions as well as receipts. The record created by a printer calculator is also useful to allow double-checking of calculations. Over time, the roll of paper used by the calculator will be used up and require replacement. This is an easy task to accomplish that requires no tools.


Step 1

Determine if your calculator uses standard or thermal paper. Calculators that use standard paper require ink ribbons to print, while those that use thermal paper have a heating element that marks the paper. Calculators that use thermal printing are noisier than standard calculators. The calculator will not work correctly if the wrong type of paper is used.


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Step 2

Slide the upper cover off the back of the calculator. Remove the used roll from the calculator by cutting off any remaining paper with the scissors, and then holding the "Feed" button on the calculator until any paper still in the rollers is removed.

Step 3

Locate the feed slot in the back of the calculator. It will be wide enough to accept the width of the printer paper. Cut across the end of the roll of paper with the scissors to create a clean line.


Step 4

Feed the end of the paper through the external feed slot, with the paper coming from the bottom of the roll. Hold the "Feed" button on the calculator until the end of the paper emerges from the printing section of the calculator.


Step 5

Flip the retaining arm for the paper roll down, and slip the roll onto it. Alternatively, if the calculator uses an internal paper roll, place the roll inside the calculator in the same spot as the old roll. Replace the outer cover of the calculator.



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