How to Install Paper in a Casio HR-8TM

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The Casio HR-8TM is a hand-held calculator that can accept rolls of receipt paper. To do this you must insert the end of the roll through the feed slot in the back of the calculator. The printed tape comes out of a slot on the top of the HR-8TM, just above the display. The HR-8TM takes rolls of 2-1/4-inch-wide paper, and comes with a paper hanger rod.


Step 1

Remove the top cover on the calculator.

Step 2

Cut the end of the roll of paper straight across to make an even edge.

Step 3

Examine the back edge of the HR-8TM and locate the paper feed slot.

Step 4

Insert the straight-cut edge into the paper feed slot and hold down the "FEED" button until the paper feeds through.

Step 5

Insert the paper hanger through the hole in the roll of paper.


Turn the roll so the paper unrolls from the bottom.


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