How to Report a Bad DVD to Netflix

Nothing puts a halt to a relaxing movie night like a DVD that skips or freezes, or perhaps even worse, one that won't even load. If you get your DVDs from Netflix, it's important to report any broken discs you receive so that Netflix doesn't send the bad movie off to disappoint another customer -- or potentially blame you for the broken disc when the fault is later discovered. Before immediately returning a malfunctioning disc that isn't visibly cracked, however, try cleaning it and using another player.

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Hold DVDs by the edge and center hole to prevent smudges and scratches.
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Clean and Test the Disc

To clean a disc, take a lint-free cloth, such as a glasses cloth, and wipe in straight lines from the center of the disc toward the edge. If you see stuck-on dirt, add a bit of warm tap water to the cloth. Digital rights management can also cause discs to not work correctly, especially when played on a computer. Try the disc in a second DVD or Blu-ray player, ideally one connected directly to a TV, before assuming the disc is broken.

Report the Problem

If your disc won't work in any player even after cleaning -- or if the disc is visibly broken on arrival -- report the problem to Netflix using the disc problem form (link in Resources). Choose whether the disc is cracked or just won't play correctly and pick if you want to receive a replacement. If you don't ask for a replacement, Netflix sends the next disc in your queue instead. After sending the report, place the disc back in the mailer and return it.

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