How to Report an Offensive Comment on Facebook

By Lara Webster

Most Facebook interactions are friendly, especially when you keep your friend list limited to people you actually know. Occasionally, however, someone might post something to your profile that is abusive, or you might notice such a post on another person's wall. If you see something offensive, report it to Facebook so that the staff can deal with the offender. Comments -- found beneath public posts or photos -- and independent posts can both be reported.

Step 1

Click the name of the person, located just above the comment, to go to his profile.

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of his friend list and click the "Report/Block This Person" link. Click "Inappropriate Wall Post" as the reason. If the user has repeatedly posted offensive comments, you may also click "This person is bullying or harassing me" as the reason for your report. Click "Continue" to report the person to Facebook.

Step 3

Report a comment left directly on your wall, not beneath another post, by hovering your mouse over the post. Click on the "x" in the top right corner of the post and click "Report as Abuse."

Step 4

Click the circle to the left of the reason you find the post offensive from the list of reasons. Click "Continue" to transmit the report.

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