How to Report an Offensive Comment on Facebook

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Millions of comments are posted on Facebook every year, so it's not surprising that some of these may be offensive or otherwise not appropriate for the site. You can help remove these offensive comments by reporting them to Facebook. Facebook reporting goes beyond just reporting comments; you can also report individuals and Pages for offensive behavior.


How to Report a Post on Facebook

If you're scrolling through your Facebook feed and notice a comment or post that is offensive, you can do something about it by reporting it. Facebook has what it calls Facebook Community Standards, and people who violate these standards should be reported for potential disciplinary action by Facebook. You report a post or comment by clicking the "..." icon next to the post and selecting "Give feedback or report this comment." You are asked why you are reporting the post and can choose from "Nudity," "Violence," "Harassment," "Suicide or Self-injury," "Spam," "Unauthorized Sales" or "Hate Speech." Select whichever reason is most relevant and then click "Send" to report the post. Facebook sends you a notification when it responds to your report.


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Report Someone on Facebook

You may come across individual Facebook profiles that are offensive or appear to be inappropriate in some way. Report the profile by clicking or tapping on the profile and then clicking or tapping the "..." button on the bottom right of the profile's cover photo. Select "Give feedback or report this profile" and select an option for why you are reporting the profile. Options include "Pretending to Be Someone," "Fake Account," "Fake Name," "Posting Inappropriate Things," "I Want to Help" or "Something Else." Select the most relevant option and then tap or click "Send" to report the profile. Facebook notifies you of any action it takes.


Report Facebook Pages

Sometimes Facebook Pages can be offensive, and Facebook encourages users to report these Pages through a process that is similar to reporting offensive profiles. You report a Page that you feel violates Facebook's Community Standards by going to the Page and clicking or tapping the "..." button on the bottom right of the Page's cover photo. Select "Report" and then select a reason for reporting. Reasons include "I just don't like it," "It's harassing me or someone I know," "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook," "It's a scam" and "I think it's an unauthorized use of my intellectual property." If the post is offensive, select "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook" and then select why it shouldn't be on Facebook. Tap or click "Continue" to report the Page. Facebook reviews the page and may remove it if it is found to violate Facebook's rules.


Consequences of Facebook Reporting

There are consequences for Facebook reporting but only for the person who is reported. Facebook never tells those who have been reported who filed the report on them because reports are anonymous. Facebook posts that have been reported and are found to have violated Facebook's rules are taken down, and the user who is responsible is warned or may have their Facebook profile temporarily or permanently disabled. Facebook profiles that are reported are sometimes removed. Facebook Pages that are reported and are found to have broken Facebook's rules are either warned or disabled.