How to Reset a Digital Remote for Comcast

Remotes typically have an option to reset the settings.

Remotes that are used with a digital cable box that is provided by Comcast may be a universal remote which can be used with other components. These include a television, a stereo receiver or a DVD player. If you have replaced one or more these components, the remote might require a new code. When you are having trouble setting a code for the remote it may need to be reset back to the default settings.

User Reset

Step 1

Take the old batteries out of the remote and insert new ones. Using fresh batteries will ensure that the remote is at full power.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Setup" key for at least three seconds.

Step 3

Enter code "980" on the keypad, once the light on the remote blinks twice. When the light blinks four more times the remote has been reset.

Step 4

Repeat this process for any Comcast remote that needs a user reset to go back to the default settings.

Factory Reset

Step 1

Press the "Setup" button for at least three seconds or until you see the light on the remote blink twice.

Step 2

Enter code "981" on the keypad. The command is successful and the remote has been reset when the light blinks four more times.

Step 3

Repeat this process for other Comcast remotes that need a factory reset.


Using the Factory Reset option may prevent the remote from working with the cable box or DVR.

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