How to Reset a Monitor

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How to Reset a Monitor. Today's monitors rely on a small, internal computer to communicate with the host machine. Increasingly complex screens increase the chance that the on-board hardware requires a "reboot." Should a problem with your monitor occur, or should you simply want to restore factory settings, learn how to reset a monitor.


Step 1

Restart your computer and turn the monitor off. Once the computer has fully rebooted, turn your monitor back on. Sometimes shutting down and powering back up can fix a glitch in the monitor's system.

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Step 2

Review the monitor controls. These controls are the buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Typically, 4 functions change the position of the display: horizontal size, horizontal position, vertical position and vertical size. Play with these adjustments to adjust settings to your preference.


Step 3

Try a system restore if adjusting the buttons does not lead to the changes you seek. Find system restore through the Windows Start Menu. Click on "Start" and then "All Programs" then "Accessories," "System Tools" and "System restore."


Step 4

Locate the original disks that came with your computer. Within them should be recovery disks that, if used, will erase everything on your system and default it back to the exact settings it had when originally built. Load the first disk into your computer and follow the instructions to complete.


Step 5

Consult tech-support of your computer's manufacturer. If you cannot get it to work with the above steps, your only choice may be to call tech-support.



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