How to Reset a Motorola Digital Cable Box

Motorola manufacturers a large number of cable set-top boxes that cable companies can purchase and give or resell to their subscribers. The boxes allow settings like sound levels, picture resolution and closed captioning to be manipulated by the end user. If you change the settings and the picture or sound stops working correctly, you may need to reset the cable box back to its factory settings.

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Resetting the cable box may fix issues with incorrect settings.


Turn off the Motorola set-top box while leaving the TV turned on, then immediately press the "Menu" button on the remote. The User Settings menu will now show up on the television. If the settings menu does not show up correctly, you may need to connect the Motorola cable box to the television using a standard definition connection like a coaxial cable.


Press the down arrow on the remote to scroll through the options until you reach the last one called "Restore all defaults."


Press the right arrow on the remote. The Motorola cable box will now return all settings to the factory defaults.

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