How to Reset a Sansa Clip

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The Sansa Clip is a high-quality MP3 player from SanDisk. It holds hundreds of songs and is built for portability. A removable clip allows you to attach the device to your clothing or belt while you are working out or on the go. Even the best MP3 players can encounter some problems, and the Sansa Clip is no exception. If your Sansa Clip freezes up and does not respond, you may have to try a soft reset, which essentially turns the device off and then on. Severe problems may require a hard reset, which returns the device to its factory settings.


Step 1

Push the power switch up and hold it for 20 seconds.

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Step 2

Release the power switch.

Step 3

Turn on the Sansa Clip by pushing the power switch up and releasing it.

Step 4

Turn the Sansa Clip on. Press the "Menu" (home) button.

Step 5

Press the bottom of the scroll wheel until you reach the Settings screen. Push the center button to choose "Settings."

Step 6

Scroll down to "Reset All" and select this option. You'll be asked to confirm the reset. Select "Save."


You should download the Sansa Firmware Updater to your computer even if you aren't having a problem with your Sansa. This will ensure that your device software remains up-to-date and free of technical glitches.


Resetting the Sansa Clip to its factory settings will erase all songs and data on the device.