How to Reset AB PanelView

AB PanelView is a touchscreen panel manufactured by Allen Bradly. It works with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to provide the user with a touchscreen interface to control machines. The AB PanelView has a Windows CE operating system. Programmers can develop and load a touchscreen front panel software with multiple buttons and display messages into the AB PanelView. The AB PanelView has to be reset to bring it back to factory settings to start a new project.

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Place the AB PanelView on a soft padded surface with the screen facing down towards the surface.


Locate a small hole on the back side of the panel with a label marked "Reset."


Insert a thin plastic probe inside the hole to press the tiny switch located beneath the hole. Keep the switch pressed for 10 seconds. Keeping the button pressed for 10 seconds will reset AB PanelView.

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