How to Reset Samsung TV Firmware

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A Firmware Update Will Keep The TV Functioning At Its Best.

Televisions have changed since the day when only an authorized technician could update the operating system the TV used. Updating the firmware on a Samsung Plasma TV can be done by the owner, but problems can develop if the Samsung is accidentally turned off or the electrical power fails while the update is being made. Resetting the firmware becomes necessary as otherwise the Samsung Plasma TV will no longer turn on or off. The owner can reset the firmware using the same firmware update that caused the problem. It will only take a couple of minutes to get the Samsung Plasma TV working properly again.


Step 1

Remove the USB flash drive firmware update from out of the USB port on the Samsung Plasma TV.

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Step 2

Unplug the Samsung Plasma TV from the electrical socket. Count to ten slowly.

Step 3

Insert the USB flash drive firmware update back into the USB port on the Samsung Plasma TV.


Step 4

Plug the Samsung Plasma TV's power cord back into the electrical socket for power.

Step 5

Press and hold in the Power button on the Samsung Plasma TV for two or three seconds before releasing it.



Step 6

Wait as the firmware upgrade notification screen appears on the Samsung Plasma TV. Wait as the firmware upgrade resets the Samsung Plasma TV and runs for about a minute.

Step 7

Wait as the firmware upgrade finishes and turns the Samsung Plasma TV off and then on again. Watch the Samsung Plasma TV now that it has been reset with the firmware. Turn off the Samsung Plasma TV when you are done watching.

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