How to Reset SonicWall TZ

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How to Reset SonicWall TZ
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If you're having difficulty connecting to your SonicWall device, a SafeMode reset will allow you to change everything on the router back to its default values. Once the reset is complete, you can use the default admin information provided in the user manual to log into the device and get your network set up again. Resetting a SonicWall TZ is similar to resetting other wireless modems but requires additional steps.


Step 1

Connect your management station directly to the SonicWall router with an Ethernet cable. The cable should run from your computer's Ethernet "in" port to the "LAN" port on the router.

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Step 2

Change the management station's IP address to any address that falls within the subnet -- for example, "". Consult your management station's user manual for specific instructions on changing IP addresses; IP subnet masks can be edited through the station's control panel or from the root, depending on the model.


Step 3

Press and hold the small button on the back of the SonicWall device. You'll need to hold the button down for at least ten seconds to apply the reset. Use a straightened paperclip or toothpick to press the button. The "Test" light will start blinking when the device is done rebooting.


Step 4

Open your Web browser and enter "" in the address bar. This will connect you directly to the SonicWall device.

Step 5

Click the boot icon next to "Current Firmware with Factory Default Settings." Once the device reboots you'll be able to access the management interface.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable

  • Toothpick

  • Paperclip


Resetting your SonicWall device will remove any preferences or settings you have applied. You can use the device’s “Backup” functionality to create a record of your old settings.

Information in this article applies to the SonicWall TZ series. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.