How to Reset the HP Procurve Switch Password

How to Reset the HP Procurve Switch Password
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If you have lost the password for an HP Procurve switch, you can reset the password as long as you have physical access to the device. Each switch has a "clear" or "reset/clear" button, depending on the model, that resets the device to its factory settings. Keep in mind that this process will clear all of the switch settings, not just the password alone. As such, this should only be done by a trained network technician familiar with HP switches.

Restoring Factory Settings

Step 1

Locate the reset/clear button on the Procurve switch, while the switch is still plugged in and running. The button is beneath a hole about the size of a paperclip, which is labelled. The exact location varies depending on the model, but is normally found on the front or the back of the device. Your device may have both a "reset" and a "clear" button, in this case choose the "clear" button.

Step 2

Straighten a paperclip. Ground it by touching it on something metal that is touching the floor. Insert the end of the paperclip into the clear button hole. You will feel the button inside the hole depress slightly. Press and hold the reset/clear button for 5 to 10 seconds in order to clear any passwords stored on the device.

Step 3

Remove the paperclip. Once the device completes its diagnostics, it will resume normal operations under the original factory settings for devices where the "reset" button was used. Those devices where the "clear" button was available will now allow access to the control console where users can choose a new password.


Save the new password settings somewhere easily accessible to avoid future problems. Consider keeping units that feature the "clear" or "reset" buttons on the front of the device in secure locations such as a locked closet.


Performing a factory reset results in returning ALL values to their original settings. This is not limited to passwords. It includes IP addresses, console event logs, radio interface settings, etc. Returning these values to their original settings may result in connectivity problems and other issues related to changing these settings.

Resetting the password using this method won't work if Front Panel Security has been enabled for the switch. If the switch does have Front Panel Security enabled, contact HP networking support for assistance.