How to Reset the HP Pavilion

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Reset your HP Pavilion to return your computer to the operating condition that you experienced when you first turned it on. Returning your computer to factory settings can resolve serious troubleshooting issues with your computer, including a malware infection, hard drive crash or system failure. The process can resolve major problems, but it also erases all the data on your hard drive, so use the reset function only when you absolutely need it.


Step 1

Restart the HP Pavilion and wait for the BIOS prompts to appear on the screen.

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Step 2

Press the "F11" key repeatedly until the "HP Recovery Manager" appears on the screen. Click the "System Recovery" link under the "I Need Help Immediately" category.


Step 3

Close the Microsoft window that appears. On the system recovery screen, click "Next" to reset the Pavilion to the factory settings. The computer will automatically restart into the recovered condition once the reset is complete.