How to Reset the SAI Setting to Default

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SAI is a graphics editing application.

SAI is a graphics application developed by Systemax. It is similar to Microsoft Paint in the sense that it is light weight. However, it includes many more features, such as a full digitizer, anti-aliasing and support for Intel MMX technology. The user interface is simple, yet it allows seamless integration with powerful tools and features. Currently, SAI is only supported on Microsoft Windows operating systems. A free 31-day trial download is available from the Systemax website.


Step 1

Download the PaintTool SAI full installation file from the Systemax website (See Resources).

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Step 2

Double-click on the installer file. Select a different installation destination from the SAI that is already installed. Finish the installation.

Step 3

Navigate to the location where SAI was just installed. Copy the "Toolink" folder.

Step 4

Navigate to the location of the previous SAI installation. Paste the "Toolink" folder over the old one. A warning will appear about replacing the files, but allow the process to continue.


Step 5

Open SAI. The default settings are loaded.

Step 6

Delete the directory where the additional version of SAI was installed.


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