How to Resize Window Screens

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Whether viewing digital photos or accessing the Internet on a wide monitor, you may notice that the window doesn't take full advantage of your wide screen's space. Your operating system's default setting for windows--the on-screen containers for those digital images or for the websites; not to be confused with the Windows operating system--may be smaller than you like. But don't worry: With just a few simple steps, you can take control of your computer's windows.


Step 1

Locate the "X" in the right corner of your on-screen window(s) on a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. This "X" is the most visible marker for computer novices. "X"--which lies in the general area for resizing controls on a PC--is the ultimate window control: It closes the window. A rectangle to the left of "X" is the window-resize tool. Click on it when you want to maximize a window. Click on the "-" (minus) tool just left of the resize tool to minimize the window, and hide it from view.

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Step 2

Hover your cursor over the window's top-middle edge to increase or decrease just the vertical viewing area. The cursor shows arrows at opposite ends, an indicator that you can resize upward or downward. You also can resize the vertical view by clicking on the window's bottom-middle edge. Click on the window's right- or left-middle edges to resize the horizontal viewing area.


Step 3

Click on the top-left, top-right, bottom-right or bottom-left corners of a window, and drag either way diagonally to make a window larger or smaller using the dragging tool. Note: On some computers, this tool isn't active when the window already takes up the full screen. In that case, use the rectangle tool in the top-right corner of the window to first de-maximize the window, and then you can resize the window using the tool in the bottom corner.


Step 4

Click on the red control to close the window on a computer running the Mac OS X operating system. Macs aren't that different from PCs when it comes to resizing windows. However, in Mac OS X, the controls are on the top-left side of a window, and they're color coded. The yellow control minimizes the window, and the green control maximizes the window. Like on a PC, you can click and drag the window's bottom-right corner to make the window larger or smaller.