How to Restore a Deleted Voice Mail on Sprint

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Retrieve deleted cell phone messages on a Sprint phone.

Deleting a voice mail on accident isn't hard to do, but can be very frustrating if you delete one that had important contact information or specific date. Most cellular companies, including Sprint, will allow you retrieve deleted messages in a matter of minutes. With a few simple steps you can retrieve important information that you thought you had lost forever.


Step 1

Turn your Sprint cell phone on by pressing the "Power" button.

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Step 2

Press the number "1" button and hold it for a couple of seconds. Your phone screen should display a message saying "Dialing voicemail."


Step 3

Listen to the voice mail prompts and select the number "1" button again to listen to a voice mail message. Pressing "3" will save the message, but if you accidentally press "7" this will delete the message. Do not hang up; you can retrieve the message only if you stay on the line.



Step 4

Press the "*" button followed by the "3" button to listen to your erased messages. After listening to the erased message select the "3" button again to save it.




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