How to Retrieve Deleted E-Mails

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Most everybody has accidentally deleted important emails at some point or another. Luckily, if the emails are simply deleted to your trash folder, they are not permanently gone yet. According to Willamette University, the "trash" folder is simply the folder used by email clients to temporarily store email that has already been deleted by its recipient. Because they are temporarily stored, deleted emails can be retrieved by simply moving them from your email trash folder back to your inbox.


Step 1

Login to your email account, and open your "Trash" folder, which is usually located in the vertical navigation bar on the left side of the email screen.

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Step 2

Check the boxes of the deleted emails which you would like to retrieve.


Step 3

Click "Move," which is usually located in the horizontal menu at the top of the email screen, and select the location to which you would like to transfer the deleted emails, such as "Inbox."




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