How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Verizon Cell Phones

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Deleted Verizon text messages are not always available for recovery, but some messages are easy to retrieve if they were recently deleted. Deleting messages is not a common practice, but some individuals delete conversations and set up an autodelete option to remove old messages. This process keeps things orderly on the phone and protects sensitive information.


Check the Timeline

Before attempting to recover deleted messages, consider the amount of time that has passed. Messages can be restored from days and even weeks in the past, but the system isn't perfect and ultimately depends on how long data is stored on the physical phone. If you use a cloud-based backup system, restoring messages is much easier because they are hosted in an easily accessible recovery space.

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Begin the recovery process as soon as possible to increase the chances that the messages are still stored in the system. If they are stored but not visible, recovering the messages makes them available for viewing. The entire recovery process is surprisingly quick and painless, but it does not always restore old messages.


Message Recovery Process

Before starting the recovery process, install any updates to your phone and the Verizon messages app. Using the most current version ensures everything is operating correctly. If the phone requires a reset to complete any updates, wait until everything is finished before proceeding.

Start the recovery by opening the Verizon messages app. Do not navigate to a specific thread because the recovery works for all threads within the app. When the messages you seek are restored, other conversations are restored as well. Keep this in mind in case some of these conversations require a second round of deletions to protect sensitive information.


Select the menu icon in the top left corner of the Verizon app and choose the "Settings" option within the menu. Locate and select the "Account" option, followed by the "Restore Messages" option. Older model phones have a "Restore from SD Card" option as a final selection, while newer phones only restore messages from the internal hard drive. Give the phone several minutes to restore the messages before checking to see if your unintentionally deleted messages are active.

Cloud Data Recovery

The cloud backup system offered by Verizon also stores deleted messages. The cloud is an optional upgrade and must be installed and functioning to work as a restore option. Cloud-based backup systems store photos, files, messages, and even voicemails and call logs if desired. It all depends on the personalized user settings selected during the setup process.


The cloud is easily accessed from your My Verizon account on a mobile device or through a web browser on any internet-connected computer. Sign in to your account and choose the "Add-ons and apps" option. Select "Verizon Cloud" to enter the app and access your cloud-based files. This app is already likely installed on your phone.

Select "Access My Cloud" from the app and choose the "Settings" option in your cloud account. Choose "Trash" and then select the "Media" option from the trash files. All recently deleted files are displayed in a list. Scroll through the list and choose specific media messages that you want to restore.


After selecting all the desired files, choose "Restore" to bring the messages back to your cloud account. Again, this method only works if you choose to back up text messages in your cloud files.