How to Rotate VNC Viewer

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When using the VNC Viewer to remotely view the desktop of a host computer the appearance or behavior of the window may need to be changed. If the display settings of the host computer are different from your computer, you will need to make a few changes. You may need to rotate the desktop of the host machine if two different types of monitors are being used. This is easily done by using options available on the VNC Viewer toolbar.


Step 1

Double-click the "VNC Viewer" icon to open the program. Click the "Options" button on the toolbar to display the Options dialog box.

Step 2

Go to the "Expert" tab and select "FixedWindow" for the Scaling option. This will match your desktop settings with those of the host machine. Click the "OK" button to close the Options dialog box.

Step 3

Click the "Rotate Clockwise" button that is on the toolbar to rotate the screen by 90 degrees. Click the button three times to rotate the desktop of the host computer from portrait to landscape.


Setting the scaling option to FixedWindow prevents VNC viewer from resetting to the default setting if the host computer is restarted.