How to Save Photos on iPhone

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A man holding an iPhone
Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

The Apple iPhone automatically saves every image you take with the device's camera to the "Camera Roll" album. If you want to save images from the Internet or embedded in an email, the process is simple.


Step 1

Turn on the iPhone. Tap the "Safari" icon to launch the Safari Web browser.

Step 2

Navigate to a website that contains an image you want to save to the iPhone.

Step 3

Touch the image and hold for a couple of seconds until you see the "Save Image" box pop up.

Step 4

Tap "Save Image" to save the photo to the "Camera Roll" album.

Step 5

Tap "Photos" on the iPhone home screen. Select "Camera Roll." You'll see the photo you just copied.


Save images embedded in emails in the same manner. Tap "Mail" on the iPhone home screen. Open an email containing a photo. Press and hold the image until the "Save Image" button pops up. Click "Save Image."