How to Sell Ideas to Google

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Google is willing to buy great ideas.
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A great idea or invention can go a long way and possibly earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars, the secret is getting that idea into the right hands. More often than not, getting a great idea off the ground takes time and the availability of expensive resources or expert support. Luckily, the World Wide Web provides a platform for companies and individuals alike to launch and promote their ideas for sale to companies like Google that can turn those ideas into a reality.


Step 1

Patent your idea
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Patent your idea so that you have the sole right to sell your invention. Since the World Wide Web is such a vast plain of communication, it offers a useful platform for communicating your ideas to the world. However, such widespread reach means your idea is also vulnerable to potential risk. This is why it is extremely important to first patent your idea.


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Step 2

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Research your idea. Use surveys, questionnaires and polls to gain insight into your target market. Understand your idea inside and out. Ask yourself, what makes my idea, product or service different from other products running Google ads? A Google ad is one that displays the fine print: ad by Google.


Step 3

Create a presence for your idea
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Create a presence for your idea or product in the Google sphere. Set up listings for your idea as if it were a company, catalog it in Google Maps, create online profiles with Google's places pages, and run ads within Google's popular online directory business. All of these things will increase your idea's visibility within the Google local business center, which is now known as "Google Places."



Step 4

Create a PowerPoint deck
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Create a PowerPoint deck outlining the research you have done on your idea. The presentation should also highlight important information related to the Google search engine. For example, what type of Google ad would render the best click-through rate for your product or idea? This PowerPoint deck will act as a road map to marketing your idea to Google.


Step 5

Create a website to promote your idea
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Create a website to promote your idea to Google. The website you present to Google and the world should appeal to your audience's needs, engage, educate and inform. Strategically place keywords throughout the content on your website. This is critical for a well-positioned webpage to achieve optimum Google search engine results.



Step 6

Use Google AdWords tool
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Use the Google AdWords keyword tool to help generate new keyword ideas and promote better results within the Google browser. The Google AdWords webpage advises users to "open the Google Keyword Tool in your browser and type in your website's URL address." Google will generate keyword data based on your website's focus.


Step 7

Link the website to social media
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Make sure you link the website to social media business sites such as Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and others to generate buzz. Since Google is a web-based media giant, the more hits your website generates, the more attention it will receive.


Step 8

License your idea so you can prove its value to Google. Licensing your idea can lead to a big payoff in the end. This process is similar to renting your idea, because it gives you control to revoke the license at any time. For example, if you developed a unique writing software, you could license it to Google technologies through your website for a limited time to prove the value of the service. The best part is that you still maintain sole ownership of the idea or service you are providing.



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