How to Send a Flash SMS

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A Flash SMS message is a text message that you can send to an individual that stands out from the rest. Whereas a normal text message would be routed to the recipient's text message inbox, a Flash SMS will display on the screen of the recipient's mobile device. This is a great feature for when you have a text message that you want someone to read immediately.


Step 1

Open your text messaging application on your mobile device.

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Step 2

Type the telephone number of the message recipient in the "To" field.

Step 3

Type "0001" followed by the beginning of your text message. This is considered a "Class 0" message by most cell phones.


Step 4

Enter the message details that you want to flash to the recipient. For example, "Meet me at 10am."


Step 5

Select the "Send" option to send the flash message. The recipient will receive the flash alert, "Meet me at 10am."


Step 6

Visit a website, such as SMS Country or Yahoo! Mobile, that will allow you to send a Flash SMS message if you are unable to use the "0001" option. You may be required to set up a new user account to send the flash SMS message from these sites.

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