How to Send a Text Message to Multiple Numbers at the Same Time

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Information can be spread rapidly by sending a text message to many people at once.

Sending a text message to many people simultaneously is a useful and efficient way to get the word out quickly to friends, family or co-workers. Because of its convenience and immediacy, text-messaging has revolutionized the way people communicate. And by pressing a few buttons, you can relay an announcement or other information not only quickly, but to a wide circle of recipients at the same time.


Step 1

Open the messages menu from the main menu of your phone. Do so by pressing the text-message option, which is usually an envelope icon. This will take you to the area of your phone that allows you to view, create and send text messages.

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Step 2

Press the option that will let you create a text message, usually indicated by the words "New" or "Create a New Message."


Step 3

Enter the message that you would like to send, using the keypad of your phone.

Step 4

Press the "Contacts" button, or whichever button allows you to select the recipients of your message. Then go down the list of your contacts and select each one to whom you would like to send the text message.



Step 5

Double-check your list of intended recipients by opening the "To" portion of your message. All of their names should be listed there.

Step 6

Press the "Send" button or whichever allows you to send your message. (On some phones the button will say "Mail.")


Step 7

Wait for a confirmation to appear that says the message has been sent. The more names on your list, the longer the message will take to send.

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