How to Get Rid of T9 Text on a Samsung Mobile Device

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T9 texting, also known as predictive text messaging, is a quick and efficient way to send text messages without having to type in the full words you want to use. However, some users don't like T9 and would prefer to have it turned off. For Samsung cell phone users there isn't one simple process for all phones when it comes to turning off T9, however if you know where to look you can turn off the function.


Step 1

Access your text message or email screen on your device. Typically you'll have an envelope icon that you can press to access your text message or email screen.

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Step 2

Look for something like "T9 E AB" on your text messaging screen. This is the first option and will allow you to push the button associated with those options to scroll through the different types of inputs. Choose an option other than T9 to disable the service. This option will stop T9 messaging only for your current message and will need to be selected each time. Also note that the T9 E AB may show different letters but will serve the same purpose. Sometimes pressing the * button will access the T9 and other input options.


Step 3

Look for the "Menu" option if you want to disable T9 for all texting. Typically, once you enter your text or email screen you can choose "Menu" which will bring up several more options. You will then see an option along the lines of "T9" or even "Input Type." Choices will vary based on each device, because Samsung has not streamlined the wording for all of its functions.

Step 4

Find the T9 function in the menu and choose the "Turn Off" or "Disable" option to turn off T9, until you decide to reactivate it.