How to Send Multiple Text Messages to Several People at Once

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Sending a mass text message is easy to do.

Text messaging allows you to send a message to a contact without having to call that contact on the phone. Occasionally you may want to send the same message to several different people at the same time. Most mobile phones have the built-in ability to text multiple recipients at once. Sending out a mass text message doesn't take much more effort than it does to send a text to a single recipient.


Step 1

Open the text message application on your mobile phone.

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Step 2

In the "To" field, type the names (if they are stored in your address book) or numbers of all of the people to whom you would like to send the text message, separating them all with commas. Most phones will have the option in the "To" field to access your phone's address book and select individual contacts you have stored in the phone.



Step 3

Type your message as you would a traditional text message and then hit "Send." Your message will now be sent to all of the contacts you included in the "To" field.


Some phones will only allow you to mass text 10 people at once. If you need to text more than 10, you may need to send out several messages.


You will be charged for your mass text message as if you send individual messages to all of your recipients. If you do not have an unlimited texting plan on your phone, use this procedure with caution to avoid exceeding your allotted monthly amount of texts.